We Provide Line Boring in Mackay

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Achieving Accurate Results Every Time

As the name suggests, line boring entails adding a cylindrical hole to a surface or enlarging an existing hole to correct axiality or achieve a desired diameter. Our technicians utilise our state-of-the-art boring tools to achieve extremely accurate results. We provide collinear bores for large machine parts including engine blocks, gearboxes, presses and turbines.

At MHE, we have the experience & resources to complete line boring both in-house and at your site. Our mobile units are fitted with the latest tooling and have the capabilities to service the mining industries largest components, including excavator buckets, booms & sticks.

Contact MHE today to engage our line boring service. You can reach us on (07) 4951 1422. We also provide CNC machining, fabrication, component rebuilds, fitting services and much more.

Benefits of Line Boring

The following are just a few reasons to consider line boring for renewing pivot points:
  1. Increased accuracy – Line boring increases the accuracy between parts, leading to better performance and reliability.
  2. Improved durability – The increased accuracy reduces wear on moving components, resulting in improved durability over time for machines and equipment.
  3. Reduced downtime – Because line boring involves precise machining of existing parts instead of replacing them altogether, it can help reduce downtime when repairing or upgrading machinery.
  4. Cost savings – Line boring is generally a more affordable option compared to buying new parts or completely overhauling old ones, making it a great cost-saving solution.
  5. Easier maintenance – With accurate holes that line up perfectly, removing and replacing parts is much easier and more efficient during maintenance and repair.
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