We Provide CNC Machining in Mackay

Worker Programming a CNC Machine — Metal Fabrication in Mackay, QLD

Achieving Precise Results

At MHE, we provide CNC Machining. This service enables us to achieve precise accuracy in machining with zero defects. The pre-programmed software we use guides the movement of the production equipment which allows us to achieve fast turnaround times and meet required specifications in the most efficient way.

The CNC equipment we work with is safe, easy to set up, reduces energy consumption and allows work to be completed at lower production costs. We have invested in the latest highspeed CNC machines to achieve the best results possible for our customers.

If you’d like to arrange a CNC machining job, or would simply like to learn more about our diverse range of services, contact us today on (07) 4951 1422. We also provide component rebuilds, line boring, precision machining and much more.

Applications of CNC Machining

CNC machining is used for a wide variety of applications. It’s often used to create intricate parts and components with precision and repeatability. Some common items manufactured utilising CNC machining by MHE are engine components, consumables and automotive parts, as well as various other unique products customised to the needs of our customers.

In addition to manufacturing, CNC machining can be utilised in quality control processes to check the dimensions of a part before it goes into production. Components made using CNC machining can also be customised depending on the needs of the project. Ultimately, CNC machining is an incredibly versatile process with many different possible applications.

CNC Machining — Metal Fabrication in Mackay, QLD