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At MHE, we have advanced equipment at our disposal to complete all fabrication work to the highest standards. We have digitally enhanced equipment and facilities to cater to an array of applications in the mining, heavy and light industrial, agriculture and marine sectors.

From customised structures to component stands and transport solutions, we can efficiently fabricate to the specialised needs of our customers. Our team can work with light, heavy, carbon, stainless and structural steel, as well as aluminium.

For enquires about our metal fabrication contact us on (07) 4951 1422. We also provide fitting, line boring, component rebuilds, CNC machining and much more.

Benefits of Metal Fabrication

Here are just a few reasons to consider metal fabrication for your project.

  1. Durability: Metal fabrication offers products that are durable and reliable for long-term use. The combination of materials and components used in metal fabrication makes the resulting product stronger than other alternatives.
  2. Versatility: Metal fabrication is extremely versatile as it can be customised to fit many different applications, from residential homes to industrial production lines. It also has the ability to combine pieces of material such as plastics, wood or aluminium into a single unit.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Due to its durability, metal fabrication is often seen as a cost-effective solution when compared with traditional construction methods such as concrete and brickwork.
  4. Safety: In addition to its strength and durability, metal fabrication products are designed not to corrode or rust over time, reducing the risk of potential fire hazards caused by weakening structures.
  5. Quick Turnaround Times: Metal fabrication is a faster process than traditional construction methods such as masonry and concrete due to the ability to quickly shape and assemble pieces into larger units.

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